My Design Process

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1. Identify

One of my primary concerns when taking on a project is to ensure that both the needs and expectations of the client are met. I therefore strive to accurately identify and understand those needs and expectations so that both realistic and client-centric goals and objectives can be defined at the outset.


2. Investigate

This step requires in-depth research, exploration, and examination of the client's company, industry, competition, marketing strategy, and target audience, in order to accurately assess the project’s objective and the best means to accomplish that objective.


3. Integrate

The first two steps are integrated to form a plan of action. This consists of determining the project's place within the overall marketing strategy, identifying the technologies to be used to implement the project and a target platform, and providing an estimated development schedule, cost estimate, and specifications for the project.

4. Illustrate

It is during this step that ideas are given shape and come to life. Using concepts formed in prior steps, sample interfaces and illustrations are drafted and repeatedly revised until a final design emerges that is both practically functional and aesthetically pleasing to the client and the target audience.


5. Implement

By implementing revisions in the project's structure and design, the final product is built one step at a time until a beta version is ready for review. This step may involve creation and integration of additional content and interactive media or scripting, coding, and programming.


6. Improve

Before the project reaches completion, multiple tests are conducted and last minute improvements are made until the final creation is ready for release. This step does not end with the product's release, but continues as part of an ongoing effort to meet the client's present and future needs as well as technological advancements.

7. Inspire

The last step enables all involved parties to finally reap the benefits of hours of labor, dedication,and hard work. The project is deployed, published, distributed, and publicized, confident that it will create the intended impression and inspire the target audience to a favorable response in conformity with the project's purpose.


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Jean-Paul Gisclair